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Help: Reset Password

This page allows you to reset your password if it has been forgotten.

You will need to provide certain data in order to verify your identity. This includes your User Id, Date of birth and the answer to your secret question.

To reset your password:-
  1. Enter your User Id into the appropriate textbox;
  2. Enter your Date of birth into the appropriate textbox;
  3. Press the Next > button to proceed;
  4. If the details entered are correct, then you will be taken to the second step of the process and prompted with your secret question;
  5. Enter the answer to your secret question in the appropriate textbox. The secret answer is case sensitive. This means that the text "SECRETANSWER", "sECREtaNSWEr" and "secretanswer" are not equivalent;
  6. Enter your new password into the appropriate textbox ensuring adherence to the password rules displayed on the page;
  7. Confirm the password in the appropriate textbox;
  8. Press the Submit button to submit the new password.

If the secret question is answered correctly and the new password is valid then a success message should be displayed. If not, error messages will be displayed for appropriate action.

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